LamaLo Technology Inc.

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        LamaLo Technology Inc. (LLT) provides specialized technical services to the marine transportation and offshore industry. We are committed to providing practical cost-effective solutions using fundamental engineering principles coupled with new technology.  LLT offers engineering services for Marine Propulsion System operations, design, construction, trouble shooting and research.


 Shaft Alignment (strain gauge, jack-up & optical) and Vibration Measurements and Analysis


 Design Review and Assessment

 Propulsion System Simulation: Dynamic response analysis of complete system

 Risk and Cost-Benefit Analysis

 Design and execution of full-scale ship trials


          Mr. Bruce Cowper formed LamaLo Technology in December 1997, specializing in marine propulsion systems.  Mr. Cowper has worked on over 100 different marine propulsion shaftlines and has over 20 years of professional experience in the conduct of applied engineering services for the marine and Arctic offshore.  All stages of project work have been conducted, including design, construction, and testing.  Results from a number of technically significant and challenging projects have been presented at professional forums and societies.


          LamaLo Technology has access to a number of subcontractors that can provide specialized technical skills to compliment the existing services.  These include marine propulsion system design, construction, testing, and instrumentation.

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